Download Shaders Mod Minecraft 1.7.X

This new blog post you will find how to download Mod for Minecraft and install all well explained ..

It’s a total shadow overhaul, starting from the ground and going up to the tops of mountains. Unlike the vast majority of shader packs, GLSL also includes updates for the look and movement of water. If you love fishing in Minecraft but have a hard time telling when the fish are actually biting, you’re going to want to try it with this shader pack installed.


It’s important to note that though this mod works with Minecraft 1.7.5, the package still isn’t quite finished. Updates are being released and newer versions of the mod are coming out all the time. With that in mind, one of the major shading problems with standard Minecraft which GLSL Shaders mod does fix is that odd, solid black block which will appear in dark spaces like caves. It could be stone, coal, iron, whatever; even when you’re right on top of it, it just looks like a hole going straight down to the bottom of the world. Those little glitches are fixed by this shader pack.


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how to install shaders mod minecraft 1.7.5

how to install shaders mod minecraft 1.7.x

install shaders mod minecraft 1.7.x

how to install shaders mod minecraft 1.7.5

DownloaD shaders mod minecraft 1.7.x

New Download Shader Mod + .Minecraft url below:


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