OptiFine HD Mod 1.8.3 For Minecraft 1.8.3

OptiFine HD Mod 1.8.3 For Minecraft 1.8.3

Many Minecraft players enjoy the game, but also have complaints about limited FPS, hardware lagging and other issues that take away from the enjoyment of the game. These complaints become especially loud during online play, when server lag gets tossed into the mix and things sometimes stand completely still for a player, sometimes for several seconds, often resulting in their deaths. Thankfully, there are mods to help players get around poor hardware, server lag and similar issues which can adversely affect Minecraft. Optifine HD is one such mod. It focuses on increasing the FPS in Minecraft.

Besides that though, it also includes support for many of the HD resource packs on the Internet, resource packs which can seriously slow down gameplay when they are turned on by the player. Besides high resolution textures, Optifine HD Mod also includes changes to Minecraft which allow for custom lighting, shading and color mods to all work more effectively. For players who do a lot of modding in Minecraft, this is kind of a must-have, especially if those mods are resource hogs that eat up a lot of memory. Installing it is as easy as making a couple quick changes to the Minecraft.jar file.


Getting rid of Optifine Mod installer at a later date is easy too. Some mods are known to clash with one another, and installing too many mods can result in a client which becomes unstable, or simply unplayable. There is a nifty button at the bottom of the login screen when starting up Minecraft which allows the player to revert their Minecraft.jar file to the most recent, basic .jar distributed by Mojang. Basically, it gets rid of all currently installed mods and returns players to the most recently patched version of Minecraft. Be sure to try it out if Optifine or other mods cause unwanted gameplay changes.


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How to install OptiFine HD Mod 1.8.3:

OptiFine HD Mod 1.8.3


OptiFine HD Mod 1.8.3

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