Download Rei’s Minimap Minecraft

Download Rei’s Minimap Minecraft

The rei’s minimap mod introduces a unique feature to your everyday minecraft gameplay. The mod itself, updates on the very day Mojang updated the game proves the dedication of the modder. But the question remains, is the mod worth it, what features could this mod offer that could convince a player to use it?

The mod itself is a kind of package that contains a list of in game features that are useful in day-to-day activities in the player’s world. Using these features of this mod, players can successfully navigate through there world, above the surface or below using the cave feature. Maybe the player is trying to avoid or hunt mobs, the map offers a one of a kind feature, that pin points the mobs and animals, (including NPC villagers) with extraordinary spot on targeting.  The further away you are from the mobs, the more transparent the markers on your map becomes.

A great aspect of this mod is the co-ordinate and compass feature that is automatically, by default placed on your map, or below it. Co-ordinates can usually only be found by using the F3 command. Using the co-ordinate feature, you are able to easily see the “co-ords” below, or above your map.

Rei's Minimap

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