how to download Minecraft

How to Download Minecraft

Minecraft is a first-person game that gives you a chance to explore a world made ​​entirely of blocks – whether of earth, stone, sand and other elements found in nature – and create your own adventure . To play Minecraft , Mojang is necessary to have an account. If you do not have one, click here and enter your details to register. Remember also that the game is paid , although it has a demo version .

Greater than ever

Minecraft is already a huge game , with bigger worlds than one could explore in life and a variety of stunning scenery . Well , since version 1.7.2 the title gained an even greater amount of biomes , between canyons , savannahs , areas of pure ice and several others. With that , the game not only doubled the number of available scenarios , but also gained a number of new materials . So, get ready to meet several new items and combinations to not only explore the world of Minecraft , but also make even more amazing buildings .

sharing experiences

If there was a game that made them become popular gameplays commented , this was definitely Minecraft . Therefore , there are many who want to use the game to enter the world of gameplay videos on YouTube – however , there are several cases of people simply give up the difficulty of preparing recording programs correctly. Fortunately , the version 1.7.4 of the game brought a very welcome addition for those who always wanted to share her with the rest of the gambling world. That’s because Minecraft now has integration with Twitch : to activate , simply press the F6 key . If you want to configure the function , simply access the options within the game . To be able to use this function , you must first have an account on Twitch . This , in turn , must be connected to your account from Mojang – to do so, click here and add your Twitch in the appropriate field to finish the integration .

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